Dip into the power reserves when it's time to rock with a capacitor that gives your cars amp an extra boost.

We have capacitors in a variety of sizes depending on your systems needs. They allow for quicker transfer of power than a battery when the amplifier needs it most.


Engineered for high performance car audio systems

Kinetik HC Power cells are used in the “Worlds Loudest Vehicles” Providing the power to reach over 180 dB and boasts hundreds of competition victories.

Due to low ESR and high energy density Kinetik HC Power Cells are the most Powerful, reliable and compact car audio Power cells on the market today. Kinetik Power Cells are used by top competitors Along with car audio and video enthusiasts alike. With the rapidly growing voltage demands of today’s hi-current amplifiers you will want Kinetik HC Power Cells pushing them to their limits. Available in seven different sizes, we will have the right one in stock for your system.







JL Audio Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate Amplifiers


Rockford Amp

Autopage Alarm

STARTING AT $129 Installed

Autopage Alarm System

Suntek Window Film Tinting

2 roll up windows $69
Complete 2 door car $159
Complete 4 door car $199